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The Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) certification is the ideal path to take if you want to polish your project management abilities. This certification complies with the PMBOK 6th Edition and the increasing complexity and diversity of modern project management standards.

  • 8  Training Hours
  • 27 Videos
  • 10  Topics
  • 100 Practice Questions


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Risk Management Professional Training Course (PMI-RMP)

Are you ready to take your project management career to new heights? Introducing our PMI Risk Management Training course, the ultimate pathway to achieving the prestigious PMI-RMP certification. Get ready to unlock a world of opportunities and elevate your expertise in project risk management like never before!

With the PMI-RMP certification, you’ll join an elite league of professionals who are globally recognized and in high demand. Stand out from the crowd as you showcase your unique skills and competency in assessing risks, identifying threats, and capitalizing on opportunities. Your comprehensive understanding and practical application of project management principles will make you an invaluable asset to any organization.

But that’s not all. By enrolling in our PMI Risk Management Training course, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge needed to ace the PMI-RMP exam. We’ll equip you with the tools, strategies, and best practices to navigate through the exam with ease. Our expert instructors will guide you through the entire exam syllabus, covering every essential topic and providing real-world examples to reinforce your learning.

Imagine the impact of being a certified PMI-RMP professional. Your newfound distinction will set you apart in the competitive project management landscape, making you a sought-after candidate for top-tier positions. Plus, your organization will reap the benefits of your expertise, as you mitigate risks effectively, drive successful project outcomes, and enhance the overall reputation of your business.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock your potential and advance your career. Enroll in our PMI Risk Management Training course today and let us propel you towards success. Together, we’ll conquer the PMI-RMP exam and open doors to a world of endless possibilities!

Assess Risks In Complex Environments

Navigating risks can be a daunting obstacle, and if not managed strategically, they could potentially lead to delays in the completion of objectives, project failure, and even extra expenses. Yet when carefully monitored with an expert touch it could offer your organization the competitive edge you’ve been looking for as well as potential opportunities! Risk management is a vital component of all corporate operations. Prove your abilities today by becoming the risk specialist that your business requires.

With PMI-RMP certification, you can:

  • Anticipate issues before they arise.
  • Proactively identify and manage project risks.
  • Eliminate risks in project environments.
  • Reach peak performance and stick to timetables.
  • Utilize your resources to the fullest extent and maximize their potential for your project as well as your organization.

About Online Training Course

This course is tailored to give you the core knowledge and skills to help you pass with confidence for the PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) exam. PMI’s Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP exam) credential is a solution to project management’s increasing growth, complexity, and diversity.

What Will You Learn?

During this PMI Risk Management training, you will learn how to identify and assess project risks, mitigate threats, and capitalize on opportunities to enhance and protect the needs of your organization.

This course includes 9 hours of training and 50-course videos. Below are the topics you will learn in this course:

  • Concepts Of Risk Management
  • Risk Management Environment
  • Project Definition
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Risk Identification
  • Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Risk Response Planning
  • Risk Monitoring And Controlling

Who Should Take This PMI Risk Management Training?

Taking our PMI Risk Management training will help you advance your career by becoming certified as a PMI-RMP and standing out from the crowd with your newly honed skills. Whether you are an ambitious project manager, risk manager, functional manager, or C-suite executive, this certification will give you the competitive edge to become successful in your field of work.

Also, If you hold deep insight and proficiency in risk management, or if you are a project manager skilled at managing the risks of large projects in intricate settings, then the PMI-RMP® is an ideal option for your advancement.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Risk Management Fundamentals
Instructor Intro
Course Intro
Risk Management Fundamentals Pt 1
Risk Management Fundamentals Pt 2

Module 2: Test Requirements
Test Requirements

Module 3: Test Domains
Test Domains Pt 1
Test Domains Pt 2

Module 4: Risk Strategy and Planning
Risk Strategy and Planning Pt 1
Risk Strategy and Planning Pt 2

Module 5: Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement Pt 1
Stakeholder Engagement Pt 2
Stakeholder Engagement Pt 3
Stakeholder Engagement Pt 4

Module 6: Risk Process Facilitation
Risk Process Facilitation Pt1
Risk Process Facilitation Pt2
Risk Process Facilitation Pt3

Module 7: Risk Monitoring and Reporting
Risk Monitoring and Reporting Pt 1
Risk Monitoring and Reporting Pt 2
Risk Monitoring and Reporting Pt 3

Module 8: Specialized Risk Analyses
Specialized Risk Analyses Pt 1
Specialized Risk Analyses Pt 2
Specialized Risk Analyses Pt 3

Module 9: RMP Recap
RMP Recap

Module 10: RMP Review Questions
RMP Review Questions Pt 1
RMP Review Questions Pt 2
RMP Review Questions Pt 3
RMP Review Questions Pt 4
RMP Review Questions Pt 5

Frequently Asked Questions About Risk Management Professional Certification

What is the PMI-RMP certification?

The PMI-RMP (Project Management Institute-Risk Management Professional) certification is a prestigious credential recognized globally. It signifies a professional’s expertise in identifying and managing risks in projects. Offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), this certification demonstrates a high level of proficiency in risk management practices.

Why should I pursue the PMI-RMP certification?

Pursuing the PMI-RMP certification offers several advantages. Firstly, it showcases your dedication to excellence in risk management and enhances your professional reputation. Employers often seek individuals with this certification, opening doors to new career opportunities. Additionally, the PMI-RMP certification equips you with a comprehensive framework and best practices to effectively manage risks in projects, leading to improved project outcomes and success.

What are the eligibility requirements for the PMI-RMP certification?

To be eligible for the PMI-RMP certification, you need to have a secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or equivalent) and meet specific requirements in project risk management experience. PMI requires a minimum of 4,500 hours of professional project risk management experience and at least 40 hours of formal project risk management education. Alternatively, you can meet the criteria with a four-year degree, 3,000 hours of project risk management experience, and 30 hours of formal education in risk management.

How do I apply for the PMI-RMP certification?

The application process is conducted online and requires you to provide details about your education, project risk management experience, and formal training in risk management. Supporting documentation, such as education transcripts and training certificates, may also be required.

What is the PMI-RMP exam format?

The PMI-RMP exam is a computer-based test consisting of multiple-choice questions. It evaluates your knowledge and understanding of project risk management concepts, principles, and practices. The exam comprises 170 questions, and you have 3.5 hours to complete it. The questions are based on the PMI-RMP Exam Content Outline, which outlines the domains and tasks covered in the exam.

How can I prepare for the PMI-RMP exam?

To prepare effectively for the PMI-RMP exam, it is recommended to follow a structured approach. Begin by thoroughly reviewing the PMI-RMP Exam Content Outline provided by PMI, as it outlines the domains and tasks included in the exam. Consider enrolling in a PMI-RMP exam preparation course or workshop to gain in-depth knowledge and practice. Additionally, utilize study materials such as textbooks, online resources, and practice exams to reinforce your understanding and assess your readiness for the exam.

Is there a renewal requirement for the PMI-RMP certification?

Yes, the PMI-RMP certification is valid for three years. To maintain your certification, you are required to earn 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs) specifically in the area of project risk management during each three-year renewal cycle. PDUs can be earned by participating in various professional development activities, such as attending educational events, engaging in webinars, or contributing by publishing articles or papers related to risk management.

Can I earn PDUs for the PMI-RMP certification before passing the exam?

No, PDUs can only be earned after you have successfully obtained the PMI-RMP certification. Once you pass the exam and become a certified PMI-RMP, you can begin earning PDUs to fulfill the renewal requirements and continue your professional development in

Are there any prerequisites or certifications required before pursuing the PMI-RMP certification?

No, there are no specific prerequisites or other certifications required to pursue the PMI-RMP certification. However, having prior knowledge or experience in project management can be advantageous as it helps in understanding and applying the risk management concepts covered in the PMI-RMP certification.

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